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Small Bookcases

Bookcase tops and drawer fronts can be inlaid or left plain. Cupboard doors (where fitted) can also be inlaid or left plain with raised decorative moulding applied. They can be supplied with Bracket Feet or Plinth Base, and have loose adjustable shelves

DC088 18”(46)
One Drawer
Open Bookcase

DC089 30”(76)
Two Drawer
Open Bookcase

DC091 30” (30)

Regency One Drawer

Cupboard Bookcase - Yewood finish

(3 sizes available, with or without doors)

DC092 42” (107)

Regency Two Drawer Open Bookcase

Mahogany finish

DC 094 60" ( 152 ) Regency Three Drawer Open Bookcase. Burr Oak Finish

DC 093 42" ( 107 cm ) Regency Two Drawer Cupboard  Bookcase - Mahogany Finish.

DC095 60" ( 152 cm ) Three Drawer Regency Cupboard Bookcase.

Burr Elm finish shown

Low Open Bookcases

Two adjustable shelves. Standard overall depth 13” (33cm) giving a shelf depth of 10.5” (27cm)

DC078 (c)

36” (91) x 36” (91)

Two Shelf Open Bookcase

Yewood Finish

DC079 (a)

48” (122) x 36” (91)

Four Shelf Open Bookcase

Light Oak Finish Shown

These useful Low Cupboards are available in two different heights and a variety of widths.

The taller cupboards ( 36" - 91 cm ) will take two rows of box or lever arch files.

The lower Cupboards ( 31" - 79 cm ) are the same height as a Desk top and make for a useful extra surface for a printer ect.

Please specify height required when ordering.

All cupboards are fitted with locking doors and adjustable shelves inside.

Note. Doors can be made with or without the dummy top drawer design, as shown on the Mahogany example.

Low Cupboard Bookcases

DC 079  Low Cupboard Bookcase. (a) 48" (122) x 36" (91) Burr Elm Finish shown.

DC079 (b) Low Cupboard Bookcase. 60" (158) x 36" (91)

Antique Mahogany Finish Shown.

Tall Open Bookcases

We have a very extensive range of sizes and options for tall bookcases and cupboards.
For full details please click here to download our latest options and price list.

 A tall bookcase is an efficient way of housing plenty of books or files. Made up to a width of 42” (107 cm) and height of 84” (213 cm). Overall depth including the overhanging cornice is 13” (33 cm) giving a shelf depth of 10.5” (27 cm). All shelves are fully adjustable.

To increase the overall depth to 15” (38cm) giving a shelf depth of of 12.5” (32cm) (Ideal for box files and larger books). Please add 5% to the prices quoted.

Wider bookcases require a central column divide to stop the shelves from bowing. The very wide 5’ and 6’ bookcases will need to be made in two vertical halves to get them into the building. These then butt and screw together.

DC082 (c)

42”(107)x 78”(198)

Tall Five Shelf Open Bookcase

Yewood Finish

DC087 (b)

60” (152) x 84” (213)

Yewood finish shown

Flush Cupboards

Flush cupboard doors can be added to these open bookcases. Doors can be inlaid or left plain with raised moulding.

Left - DC083 6’(183)x3’(91) Tall Five Shelf Open Bookcase

Mahogany Finish

Right - DC082 (b) 6’6”(198)x3’(91) Tall Open Bookcase With Two Flush cupboard doors

Oak Finish

Tall Deep Base Cupboard Open Bookcases

DC081 (a)


Tall Open Bookcase With

Deep Cupboard

Mahogany Finish

DC086 (c)

72” (183) x 78” (198) x 16” (41)

Tall Open Bookcase With

Deep Cupboards

Burr Elm Finish illustrated

DC083 Option B Dark mahogany Deep cupboard bookcase with option extra wooden top doors, box raised moulding on the doors.

W 36" 91cms x H 84" 213cms x D 16" 41cms at the bottom / 13" at the top

DC087 Option F.  Mahogany Deep Cupboard Bookcase with optional Gothic Glazed top doors fitted.  Raised mouldings on the base doors. Polished to an Antique Mahogany shade

W 72" 183 cm x H 96" 244 cm x D 16" 41cms at the bottom / 13" at the top  

Corner Bookcases

Any of the Bookcases shown can be manufactured to turn a corner. The Bookcase top or Cornice is mitred, making a neat join.
The vertical uprights of the bookcases then butt together and are held together with fixing screws.

 Bookcase shown.  DC 087 (c) 72" (183)  x 84" (213)  joined to a DC083 (b) 36" (91) x 84" (213)Fitted with Flush cupboard base doors.  Antique Mahogany finish.

Painted Bookcases

All of our Bookcases can be painted to your chosen paint colour, using a code number from Farrow and Ball, Dulux or Crown Paints.

Choice of Matt or Satin finish.

Prices on application.

Bookcase shown.

A 3 Metre long, Deep Cupboard Open Bookcase with panelled base doors. Painted to a customers chosen Farrow and Ball colour.

Made To Measure Bespoke Bookcases

These are stand alone Bookcase units which can be made to any height, depth or width. From a single Bookcase to a full run of Bookcases. These are not fitted in the room, but stand alone units with flush back panels, which can be made in sections for easy assembly. Cut outs can be made to allow for skirting boards.

Wooden or Glazed door can be fitted with any number of adjustable shelves.

Full range of wood finishes available polished to your chosen wood shade.

Just supply us with your sizes and rough plan, for a free quote.

Bookcase shown right -  96” (244) high 62” (158) wide and 24” (61) deep Cherrywood finish illustrated

A Mahogany Bookcase Run, incorporating deeper cupboard base units with open bookshelves to the right side. A corner joining section and cupboard doors to the left. Polished to a rich antique mahogany shade.

Size - Width 10ft (300cm) x 10ft (300cm) height 7ft (240cm)

A Burr Oak, made to measure Glazed Bookcase, with open archway, incorporating a Faux book panel corner unit, returning onto a leather topped Filing Sideboard Cabinet.

A Burr Oak Glazed Bookcase. The top section fitted with 13 pane style wooden glazed doors.

The deeper base section with three drawers and cupboard doors.

Width 60" (152cm) Height 78" (198cm) Depth, top section 14" (36cm) Base section 20" (51cm)

A Light Oak Cupboard Bookcase with two glazed central doors. Glass shelves and lights fitted. The bottom section incorporating a Two Drawer Filing Cabinet, further cupboards and storage for a Safe.

Width 84" ( 213cm ) Height 84" ( 213cm )

A Large Burr Elm Bookcase. Doors fitted to the deeper base section and also to the top section

Made in sections, then assembled in the room. Width 12ft (366cm) Height 7ft (213cm)

A long run of Mahogany Open fronted Bookcases. Made in four vertical sections, with seven adjustable shelves per Bookcase.

Width 12ft (366cm)  Height 9ft (244cm)

 A Light Oak, Corner Bookcase. Made in three section that screwed together. Open Bookcase top sections with fully adjustable shelves and flush cupboard base doors. Cut outs for the skirting boards.

Manufactured to a height of 260 cm.

A Burr Elm Study. Comprising of a Large 6ft x 3ft 6" Double Sided Partners Desk.  A made to measure, Deep Cupboard Open Bookcase Run, 11ft in lengh , 7ft High ,with a Breakfront middle section. Plus a free standing Deep Cupboard Open Bookcase 7ft high x 3ft 6" wide.

A Run of Made To Measure, Burr Oak, Shelf Cupboards. Fitted in a Basement room, from shelf to ceiling, wall to wall.

Size. Width 13ft. ( 400 cm )

A made to measure, Oak, Deep Cupboard, Open Bookcase. Manufactured to incorporate a model of HMS Victory.

Polished to a medium oak shade.

Width 72" (183cm)  Depth 16" (41cm)  Height 96" (244cm)

A Burr oak 13ft long special deep cupboard bookcase with bevelled glass top doors, the middle section was designed to house PC screen & inside the cupboards a tower box & printer are housed.

A Burr oak room setting with 2 large open bookcases, in the middle we made a TV stand to fit in between them. Between the two sofa's is a 42"x 18" chippendale style coffee with shelf below.

Oak Base Storage Cupboards and Open Bookcases, made to a customers own design to fit a study corner. Glazed Display units at each end. Polished to a medium oak shade.

(interesting bookend wallpaper) 3 m x 2.5 m

All prices shown include VAT

An Oak Corner Bookcase with flush base doors. Matching Oak panelling and storage cupboard custom fitted around the walls. 

DC 079 Low Cupboard Bookcase.  72” ( 183 cm ) x 36” ( 91 cm )

Yew wood finish shown.

A large run of Cherrywood Bookcases plus a Desk and Printer Table all custom made for The London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre, Park Road, London.

Bookcases made in vertical sections and then fitted together in the room.

A Cherrywood Study project.

On one wall, a run of Cherry Deep Cupboard Open Bookcases. On the opposite wall another run Bookcases incorporating a two drawer leather top desk and matching Tan leather Captains Swivel Chair.

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