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Computer Desks

Traditional Range - Pedestal Computer Desks

The same design as our Traditional Range Pedestal Desks, but with a cupboard door to house the tower unit, a keyboard centre drawer conversion and a filing drawer on metal extension runners.

Antique Mahogany finish shown above - open and closed

Desk shown DC002C 54" (137cm ) x 30" (76cm) Cherry wood finish with option Kneehole slide fitted

 Premier Range - Pedestal Computer Desks

Desks with cupboards housing computer equipment, have rear doors to help with connecting wiring - closed view left, open view right

Computer Cabinets & Work Stations





 DCC03 shown above in Mahogany finish

DC002 Computer Base Cabinet

DCC04 Premier Range Single Pedestal Desk - can be made with pedestal on left or right

Shown above in Cherrywood finish with optional Kneehole Slide fitted - additional £39
Shown closed on left, open on right

DCC05 Premier Range Tower Computer Desk - two sizes available, 4 cupboard/drawer options, plus made to measure option.

Burr Oak finish shown above

Antique Mahogany finish shown above

Available with or without centre drawer

DCC05 Premier Range Tower Computer Desk XL

Option C  Apple Mac/Laptop Option

 Desk shown above in Burr Elm Finish. Cupboard for Printer, with five drawers including a double filing drawer.

5' 2" (158cm) x 2' (61cm)

DCC06 Premier Range Twin Pedestal Computer Desk - five sizes available, five cupboard/drawer options to choose from plus the option of made to measure

Two cupboard doors, space for tower unit on one side. Printer on pull out slide on other side. Keyboard centre drawer with two single drawers either side.

Desk shown in Burr Elm

6’ (183cm) x 3’ (91cm)

One cupboard door, (can be made on right or left pedestal). Space for Tower unit or printer on pull out slide. Filing drawer, plus keyboard centre drawer, with 3 single drawers.

Option C

Two cupboard doors, space for Tower unit, with optional slide above for scanner if wanted. Printer on pull out slide on other side. Keyboard centre drawer with three single drawers.

Desk shown above: Dark Mahogany finish, 5’6” (167cm) x 2’6” (76cm)

Option D

Full height cupboard allows tower unit and printer to be housed in one pedestal. Keyboard centre drawer. Filing drawer plus two single drawers.

Desk shown left:

72” (183cm) x 36” (91cm)

Burr Oak finish

Desk shown above: 5’6” (167cm) x 2’6” (76cm) Medium Oak finish.

Pull out printer slide

Rear cupboard doors to help with connecting wiring and help with ventilation.

Option E - Laptop Option

One cupboard door, pull out slide for printer.

(Can be made on right or left pedestal).

Filing drawer, plus one single drawer and three top drawers.

Options A, B, C and D shown above, can also be made without a keyboard centre drawer and replaced with a standard drawer if using a laptop.

Desk shown: Burr Elm

5’6” (167cm) x 3’ (91cm)

All prices include VAT

Desk shown.  DCC06 Option E Laptop option. ( standard centre drawer ) Burr Oak Finish, Blue leather top.

6' (183 cm) x 3' (91 cm)

Cable management holes.  

Useful for hiding unsightly cables that can then pass through the desk and out to a power supply.

Two options to choose from. All Desks supplied with two Cable holes unless specified. Extra Cable holes can be fitted at £35 each

1 - Circular Wooden Cable Hole with removable loose insert.  These wooden cable holes are polished to the same wood shade as the desk and can be cut into the desk leather in any chosen position.  60 mm Diameter

2 - Oblong Brass Cable plate, Can be unscrewed ( larger hole beneath )  Fitted on the back edge wooden desk boarder.  90 mm x 52 mm

Slimline Drawer.

If a Keyboard drawer is not required and more legroom needed. This No Cost option slimmer drawer will give more leg clearance space when working at the desk.

Keyboard Drawer.

A drop down centre drawer front with pull out keyboard tray and mouse platform slide.

Cable Mouse Holes

Cable mouse holes can be cut into the Desk plinth to allow wires to feed out to the power supply.

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