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Desk Accessories

Ledger Box Files & Lever Arch Files

These beautifully made, Faux Bookend Box Files and Lever Arch Files are great for organising and filing away unsightly paperwork as well as giving a classic look to any bookcase.

Available in six different Titles.

Plus the option to Personalise.

Choice of five different colours

Green, Burgundy,Tan, Black and Vellum ( off white )

DC 260 (b)  Receipt Ledger Box File

DC 261 (b)  Pension Ledger Box File

DC 262 (b)  Mortgage Ledger Box File

DC 263 (b)  Banking Ledger Box File

DC 264 (b)  Miscellaneous Ledger Box File

DC 265 (b)  Ledger Box File

370 x 75 x 260 mm

£36.00 each

DC 280 Book End Blotter

710 x 380 x 7mm     £65.00

DC 275 Filing Tray

290 x 390 x 65mm     £79.00

DC 282 Magnifying Glass

202mm long            £42.00

DC 283 Letter Opener

215mm long            £35.00

DC 284 Coaster (set of 4)

95 x 95mm     £49.00

DC 303 Open Bookend Magazine Tidy 330mm wide 265mm high


DC 276 Letter Rack


DC 277 Book Pen Holder


DC 278 Desk Organiser Tray


DC 279 Pen Pot Organiser


DC 286 Square Pen Pot

with Quartz Clock


DC 270 Telephone Directory Holder £55

DC 271 Monthly Journal 120mm x 270mm x 315mm  £55

DC 274 Bookends   135mm x 190mm x35mm         £95

DC 281 Waste Bins. Choice of Square or round Bookend design £99 each. Square 230mm x 280mm Round 230mm x230mm

DC 288 Bookend Design Umbrella Stand £229 500mm high x220mm

DC 285 Note Block Holder  110mm x 125mm x 130mm  £47

DC 289 Desk Secretaire

65mm x 240mm x 200mm £105

DC 305  Book Compendium

100mm x 200mm x 140mm £99

New.  -  Red Setter Bookends.   £96

90mm x 160mm x 140 mm

DC301 Golf Shoe Doorstop £65 280 mm Long

DC 299 Football Door Stop £59 125mm x 130mm

DC300 Rugby Ball Doorstop £59 190 mm Long

DC298 Football Boot Doorstop £65   280mm Long

DC295 Leather Mouse Mats 23cmx23cm   £35.00

DC296 Leather Desk Blotter 49cmx36cm  £75.00

DC297 Leather Desk Blotter Large 71cmx38cm  £95.00

Antique Style World Globe

Choice of 3 bases -

Antique Brass (left)

Oak (centre)

Mahogany (right)

Size 42cm high  32cm diameter   £109.00

DC304 Phrenology Head   29cm high  £65.00

New Items

DC302 Bronze Labrador Doorstop  59cm high  £189.00

DC 306 Brass Desk Bell, wooden base.  13 cm   £39

DC 307  Solitaire Game. Turned wooden base with semi precious marbles.

25cm x 3cm    £109

DC 308 Titanic Model  100cm x 17cm x 36 cm  £595

This quality Reproduction model of the Titanic is handmade by skilled craftsman.

Constructed in solid wood with intricate detailing. Complete with support stand

All prices shown include VAT

DC 309

Italian made, Antique style Globe Drinks Cabinets. Storage for bottles, decanters and glasses.

Choice of two finishes. Antique or Blue

Diameter 56 cm   Height 93 cm   Price £195

DC 291  Tissue Box Holder

263 mm x 177 mm x 88 mm

DC 310  A Classic Chest Board with a set of Master Staunton Style Chess pieces.

420 mm x 420 mm ( the King measures 8 cm high )

DC 311  Oxford Oars Coat stand. ( 3 brass hooks, wicker basket storage tray )

187 cm x 68 cm

Ledger Box Files

Lever Arch Files

DC 260 (L)  Receipt Lever Arch File

DC 261 (L)  Pension Lever Arch File

DC 262 (L)  Mortgage Lever Arch File

DC 263 (L)  Banking Lever Arch File

DC 264 (L)  Miscellaneous Lever Arch File

DC 265 (L)  Ledger Arch File

350 x 75 x 300 mm

£32.00 each


We can customise the spines of our Ledger Boxes or Lever Arch Files.  Please add £12

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