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Pedestal Desks

Traditional Range

Traditional Range Desk  DC002 4' 6"( 137 cm) x 2' 6" ( 91 cm )  Light Oak finish shown.

Traditional Range Desk DC001

4’(122cm) x 2’(61cm) Yewood Finish shown

DC SP001  Single Pedestal Desk 4' (122cm) x 2' (61cm)  Natural Oak Finish shown

Traditional range DCCD 001 Corner desk 32" (81) x 32" (81) Antique Mahogany finish shown.

See Wood and Leather Finishes for polishing and leather top options

Desk shown. Traditional Range DC003 5' (152cm) x 3' (91cm) with optional Desk Return. Antique Mahogany Finish.

Filing Cabinets - Traditional Range

 Traditional Range, DC005 Two Drawer, DC006 Three Drawer and DC007 Four Drawer ( vertical ) Filing Cabinets

Premier Range Desks

Desk shown DC013 - Burr Walnut Finish shown.

60” (152 cm) x 36” (91 cm)  Pedestal Desk with Continuous Plinth Bases, Fitted with a pair of optional Pull Out Brushing Slides and an optional Modesty Back Panel.

Note. The sides and back of the Premier Range Desks and Filing Cabinets have decorative mouldings as shown

All Premier Range desks have one filing drawer fitted on metal extension runners

Premier Range DC009 Knee Hole Desk. 36" (91cm ) x 20" (51cm) Yewood Finish shown

Premier Range DC010 Small Pedestal Desk, Plinth Base. 42" (107cm) x 20" ( 51cm ) Dark mahogany Finish shown

 Premier Range DC011 Pedestal Desk, Bracket Feet, fitted with optional pull out Brushing Slides, 48" (122cm ) x 24" (61cm ) shown with matching Premier Range DC021 Two Drawer Filing Cabinet, Bracket Feet. Antique Mahogany Finish.

Premier Range Desk DC013

60” (152cm) x 36” (91cm) Pedestal Desk Plinth Base, Burr Elm Finish.

Premier Range Desk DC013  Burr Oak finish, shown with plinth base

Premier Range Desk DC013 shown fitted with Wooden Turned Knobs and the Optional Pull out Brushing Slides. Light Antique Mahogany Finish.

Premier Range Desk DC014 Pedestal Desk, Bracket Feet. 72" (183cm ) x 36" (91cm ) Red Mahogany Finish shown

Premier Range Desk DC013  Pedestal Desk  60" (152cm) x 36" (91 cm) Fitted with optional Modesty Back Board. Burr Walnut Finish shown.

Desk Returns

Premier Range Desk DC014 Light Oak finish shown with optional Desk Return fitted

Premier Range DC014 72" x 36" Pedestal Desk with DC017 Desk Return 36" deep. Antique Mahogany finish. NOTE, Desk returns can be inlaid with leather as shown at no extra cost

Option. The Return can be made flush with Desk top as shown on this Burr Oak Desk.

See Wood and Leather Finishes for polishing and leather top options

Premier Range Filing Cabinets

Premier range DC021 Two drawer filing cabinet Medium Oak finish with wooden knobs fitted

Premier Range DC022 Three drawer filing cabinet Mahogany finish

Premier Range DC024 Four drawer filing cabinet (horizontal) Burr Elm Finish. Bracket Feet Option

Premier Range DC026 Six drawer filing cabinet (horizontal)
Burr Oak finish shown with a polished top

Premier Range DC023 Four drawer filing cabinet (vertical)
Burr Oak finish shown

Premier Range DC026 Six Drawer Filing Cabinet ( horizontal ) Light Antique Mahogany Finish with wooden turned knobs fitted. Creating a Victorian look

A special order Premier Range Twelve Drawer Filing Cabinet. Cherrywood finish

All prices include VAT

Traditional Range DC008 Filing Cabinet ( Horizontal layout ) Made with four single drawers and two filing drawers. 

* Two different Ranges available. Traditional Range and Premier Range

* Up to eight wood finishes to choose from

* Eight different leather finishes to choose from.

* Desk drawers can be fitted with either Brass Swan Neck style handles or Wooden Turned Knobs ( creating a Victorian look )

*All desks made in three sections. The top box three drawer section and the two pedestals.

*Made to measure option on both ranges.

* A good value range of Pedestal Desks and Filing Cabinets.

* Available in five different wood finishes.

  Mahogany, Oak, Yewood, Cherry and Walnut.

* Continuous Plinth Bases.

* Desks have one locking centre drawer and a double depth drawer in the right Pedestal.

* Plain sides and backs with no raised decorative mouldings.

* Made to measure options on request.

Traditional Range Desk  DC001 4' (122cm) x 2'  (61cm) Walnut finish shown.  

Traditional Range Desk  DC003 5' (152cm) x 3' (91cm)
Dark Mahogany finish shown.

Traditional Range Desk  DC002 4' 6"(137cm) x 2' 6" (91cm) shown with Captains Swivel Chair and Deep Cupboard open Bookcase. Antique Cherry finish shown.  

Traditional Range DC005  Two Drawer Filing Cabinet. ( fitted with wooden turned knobs ) Antique Mahogany finish.  

Traditional Range DC008 Horizontal Four Drawer Filing Cabinet. ( Optional polished wood top surface and wooden knobs fitted )

Dark Mahogany finish shown

Traditional Range DC005  Two Drawer Filing Cabinet.  Walnut finish

Traditional Range DC005  Two Drawer Filing Cabinet. Cherrywood finish  

Traditional Range DC005  Two Drawer Filing Cabinet. Light Oak finish  


Modesty Boards

A loose panel that fits between the back of the desk pedestals and incorporates a matching plinth base to floor level.
(See prices above)

Brushing Slides.

Pull out brushing platform slides make useful extra working surfaces.

( see prices above )

Additional Filing Drawer.

Add an additional Filing Drawer to the desk making two in total. £65 extra

Centre Drawer Options.

Slimline Drawer. This No Cost option slimmer drawer will give more leg clearance space when working at the desk if needed.
 ( Burr Walnut Desk shown )

Keyboard Drawer.

A drop down centre drawer front with pull out keyboard tray and mouse platform slide.  Please add £109

Cable management holes.  

Useful for hiding unsightly cables that can then pass through the desk and out to a power supply.

Two options to choose from, all priced at £35 each

1 - Circular Wooden Cable Hole with removable loose insert.  These wooden cable holes are polished to the same wood shade as the desk and can be cut into the desk leather in any chosen position.  60 mm Diameter

2 - Oblong Brass Cable plate, Can be unscrewed ( larger hole beneath )  Fitted on the back edge wooden desk boarder.  90 mm x 52 mm

Brass pedestal protective angle strips.

£69 per pair.

Military Style Pedestal Desk .

Our Premier Range Desks and Filing Cabinets can be made in this Military style as shown.

Flush fitting solid brass military style handles are fitted along with two brass side straps (desk only) and four brass corners on the top.

Please add the following when ordering.

£249 on any size Desk.

£119 on a Two Drawer Filing Cabinet.  

£159 on a Three Drawer Filing Cabinet.

£199 on a Four Drawer Filing Cabinet.

These prices are on top of the normal prices advertised.

Desk above shown in a Cherrywood finish.

The Desk shown below in a Burr Oak finish with a no cost option polished top instead of leather inlay. Fitted with optional pull out brushing slides and brass pedestal protection angle strips.

Premier Range Corner Desk. DC028

A new edition to our Premier Range is this well designed and practical Corner Desk. Featuring two pedestals a centre drawer and support shelves inside the kneehole area that can be used for storage of files or a printer.

Make in sections and then assembled in the room. Available in all our wood finishes with a choice of leather coloured top.

Desk shown in Burr Walnut with a black leather top and one of our DC055 Viscount Single Swivel desk chairs.

Width from the corner to the outside desk edge 128 cm      Depth of pedestals  45 cm     Height 79 cm ( shelf depth 25 cm )

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Desk shown right.  DCC06 Premier Range  6ft (183 cm)  x 3ft (91 cm) Burr Oak Computer Desk with an optional  rear modesty board fitted.